Delighting consumers and partnering
with them to create wealth



USD 2.3 M

Distributed to the Community

USD 243K

Average daily sales

Gojoy is a shared ecommerce platform owned and operated by a global community of shoppers, retailers and manufacturers.

We connect consumers directly to manufacturers. Cutting out the middleman results in more savings for the consumers. Furthermore, we verify manufacturers and keep our platform fake-free.

The Gojoy ecosystem allows for members of the community to generate wealth through their storefronts or simply by shopping. Our community-based business model, together with our technology, is bound to scale in the coming years beyond any existing ecommerce platform. Even at this early stage, we are preparing to enter emerging markets where our model can have more impact on society.

We envision…

A world free of poverty.
A world where enterprises and their customers become one and the same entity, and they work together to benefit everyone in the community.

Our mission is…

To delight our consumers and increase their purchasing power by offering them good quality products at fair prices.
To offer our members the opportunity to create an ecommerce business of their own that requires zero investment and yields immediate results.


Today’s Internet economy is a winner-takes-all game. In every industry, a handful of tech giants controls the Internet real estate; killing competition and giving customers little leverage to demand better prices or service.


In ecommerce, platforms control the traffic, so they can bully vendors with incredibly high advertising fees and a handful of fees whether they sell or not. All these costs are passed on to the consumers. Meanwhile, platforms continue to brag about reaching new heights in their profits.

Responsive Design

Gojoy’s manufacturer-directly-to-community business model results in fair prices. After the community crowdfund large orders from manufacturers, we only add a platform fee of 20%. (Unless the brand has a higher suggested retail price).


Hourly Cash Rewards

As if great prices and the certainty that the products you buy are authentic weren’t enough, Gojoy’s business model was designed so the entire community can own the platform. Gojoy members earn GHU points when they purchase. GHU entitles members to get hourly cash rewards. Yes, we’re giving 50% of our profits to GHU owners.

Store Front Programme

For retailers, Gojoy’s Storefront Programme allows them to generate a sustainable income with zero investment. Participants get free on-site training in participating cities. They learn the ins and outs of our non-intrusive UX for consumers. Store Front owners don’t need to worry about products, billing or customer service.

Become a member of our community. It’s free and only takes a minute

We’re using blockchain to allow for a transparent and efficient profit-sharing distribution and to guarantee the authenticity of the products.

AI helps us reduce inventory risk by identifying products that sell well and anticipating demand.

We provide the community with real-time Business Intelligence Dashboards that helps them make better crowdfunding decisions.

A little something about Gojoy

From its inception, Gojoy has been a global startup, having team members in four continents since day one. Having distributed team in the US, China, Germany, Canada and Australia has installed a global company culture.
Our founders come from both developing and developed countries share the same objective of building a new economy where services are decentralised and everyone has the opportunity to generate wealth for their families.

Gojoy was launched on December 15th, 2018. In this short time, we have proven that our business model is profitable. We have already distributed millions dollars among the community via our hourly rewards mechanism.
Gojoy just went through a rebranding process. We were formerly called, GHU—the name of our parent company.
We are incorporated in Switzerland and we have presence in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Berlin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Adelaide, Shenzhen, Montreal and Zug.


From day one, our global team has had presence in four continents. We pack a solid experience in ecommerce, technology, fintech and marketing.

Steven Lin

CEO (American)

Steven is a technology entrepreneur and investor with a track record spanning over two decades. He has invested in and founded disruptive companies in telecom, fintech, and blockchain. He is the chairman of a nonprofit that brings entrepreneurship to 6th graders in Los Angeles.

Juan Vargas

COO (Colombian)

Juan has worked as film & TV director and producer, as well as in advertising and marketing. He has worked in sustainable development, focusing on socio-economic systems for self-sustaining cities. He has setup both companies and non-profits.

Enka Shu

Founder & VP of North America (American)

Enka is a cross border investment, business development, financing and M&A expert. She’s worked for top tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo and Symantec.

Evan Chi

Founder & VP of Investors Relations (American)

Evan is a strategic alliance specialist and creator of award winning brands; he has worked advising startups on implementing new technologies and streamlining their business models.

Shane Tackett

General Counsel (American)

Shane is a serial entrepreneur with diverse experiences in legal consulting and international business.
His expertise spans accross Blockchain Counsel, International Growth Strategy, Corporate Formation, Transnational Litigation
and Market Entry Strategy.

Ben Bartlett

Strategic Advisor (American)

Ben is a serial entrepreneur. He lives in the nexus of government, law and technology. He’s former Vice Mayor of Berkeley.
Ben is an internationally recognized leader in blockchain public financing. He is the architect of the Berkeley Tokenized Debt Offering (TDO).

Xiahong Lin

Blockchain Director (Chinese)

Xiahong is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer. He is the founder of Naka Chain and Bodhi Prediction Market. Xiahong has worked for Edmodo, Twitter and Tencent. He has a Master of Science from Purdue University.

Jasmine Shih

Director of Inclusion (American)

Jasmine is a multi-industry entrepreneur and investor. She’s a coach and promoter working empowering women in leadership and economic growth. She’s skilled in Product Lifecycle Management, Sales and E-commerce.

David Casey

Director of Impact Initiatives (American)

David is a political economist and a social entrepreneur. He bridges the worlds of tech startups, permaculture, international development and festival production.


What Our Community is Saying

Gojoy’s community share the belief that win-win business is the only way to go.

“We’re reaching Chinese customers with no advertising costs. It’s a dream.”

Alex Armillotta

“As a manufacturer, Gojoy’s purchasing model is cashflow heaven. We don’t have to wait months to get paid.”

Eric Zhou
CMO @ bCase

“I’m getting authentic products for my baby, at cheaper prices and I’m getting GHU. I don’t feel like a stay-at-home mom.”

Chen Jiao
Mother of two

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